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Group Creativity Coaching for Organizations/Corporations


Ignite innovation and foster a culture of creativity within your organization. Sally Bozzuto Creative provides bespoke group coaching experiences designed to invigorate teams, spark breakthrough ideas, and enhance problem-solving skills. Whether it's a one-off workshop or a series of sessions, empower your employees to think outside the box and drive meaningful change.


Group Creativity Coaching for Non-Businesses


Gather your friends and embark on a transformative creative journey together. Whether you're a book club seeking fresh perspectives or a circle of friends craving inspiration, Sally Bozzuto Creative offers dynamic group coaching sessions tailored to your needs. Fuel your collective imagination, foster collaboration, and unleash your group's creative prowess.

All workshops feature hands-on activities and opportunities for sharing, discussion, and discovery. Workshops can be catered to the interests of your group or institution. 

Current Multi-Series Workshops

Courting Inspiration

A Two Workshop Series

The workshops in this series are designed to help participants court inspiration by way of designing an “inspiration station” and creating a “super sketchbook” to store sketches, ideas, and influences from other sources in one extraordinary compendium.

The Magic of Risk

A three workshop series

“What would happen if…?” This question lies at the heart of creativity, experimentation, and discovery. To engage with the creative process you have to be willing to get curious, explore, show up for the work and take risks. Without risk and failure we often find ourselves standing still. This workshop will allow participants to shake up their working methods, gain insight, clarity and perspective to increase creativity and innovation.

Building Creative Trust

Single-Session Workshop

Permission and trust in ourselves and our own inner vision is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. This workshop will provide participants with a safe space to unpack some of the mental roadblocks around making creative work such as fear, failure, permission, perfectionism, and overthinking while also providing tools for working with rather than against them. 

Deep Attunement

A Five Workshop Series

Observation is a powerful practice. This workshop series uses mindfulness techniques to sharpen observation skills as a jumping off point for complementary creative exercises focused on each of the five senses that will enhance creativity, innovation, and well-being.

"Sally gave life to my intangible creative blocks with her down-to-earth yet knowledgeable personality. By providing a welcoming, encouraging, and thoughtful atmosphere, I immediately felt comfortable asking questions on topics I had been so intimidated by in the past."

Gloria C, Student

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