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Deep Attunement




1 hour and 30 minute session(s)

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About This Workshop


Observation is a powerful practice.

This workshop series of five, 90-minute workshops uses mindfulness techniques to sharpen observation skills as a jumping off point for complementary creative exercises focused on each of the five senses that will enhance creativity, innovation, and well-being. Each workshop can be a stand-alone (single 90-minute workshop) or discounts are available for booking multiple sessions.

In order to function in the world we often need to tune out a lot of external stimuli. While this can be useful for our daily survival, it can rob us of much of the richness of experience that the world has to offer. The act of tuning in can help draw us into the present and feel more engaged and connected to our environment and each other.

In each of the five, 90-minute workshops in the Deep Attunement series, participants are sent out on a short, solo journey and encouraged to engage in a small creative project based around their own observations for a given sense (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste).

We spend a lot of our lives looking but how much do we really see? This workshop challenges participants to slow down and spend more time intensely studying visual inspiration around them.

In this workshop we will cultivate a sense of deep listening as inspired by artists like Pauline Oliveros and John Cage. We will explore questions like what does your environment sound like? How do these sounds affect your experience? How can you co-create your own sound experience?

Paying attention to physical sensations can draw us into the present. When taking your journey was it hot or cold, humid or dry, did you feel the wind on your skin or any other sensations? These observations will be points of departure for creative exercises.

An often-neglected sense, smell has a deep neurological connection with memory and experience. Tuning into the scents around us gives us the ability to both time travel and stay present.

What does your journey taste like? Can you create a recipe for an experience? How can you translate a taste across time and space? This workshop challenges participants to engage with these questions and more through a series of creative exercises designed to stimulate and simulate taste.

Participants will leave each workshop with:
*Practices and activities to enhance observation skills
*Enhanced sense of wellbeing from mindfulness and observation practice
*Original artwork based on their observation practice
*Tips for courting creativity in their everyday life
*List of resources to keep moving forward with creative practice in daily life

$750 per 90-minute workshop for up to 10 participants. Additional $25 per person for groups larger than 10. Each session can be a stand-alone, 90-minute workshop; discounts are available for booking full series or multiple sessions.

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