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Creativity Coaching

Get creatively unstuck. Restore a sense of magic and wonder in your creative practice.

What is Creativity Coaching?

I empower clients to expand their thinking about creativity, incorporate creative projects into everyday life, achieve creative goals, find their personal voice, and overcome creative blocks so that they can grow tremendously, bloom as artists and creatives, and learn more about the creative process and themselves. 


I believe that every human possesses creativity, creative energy, and the ability to create. This innate quality is something that can be enhanced and honed with time, space, nurturing, and support. That’s where I come in. As your creativity coach I seek to bring a deep appreciation and curiosity to each session to create a warm, encouraging, non-judgemental atmosphere for self-exploration. 

What Makes My Coaching Different

My focus on the creative process offers clients the opportunity for meaningful personal expression and fulfillment. Unlike group sessions or other types of coaching my focus is not bound by any particular modality, thus making it more open-ended and process-oriented. We are not seeking to create a specific product or project (though that can sometimes be a result), but rather to explore the creative process itself, restore a sense of play, experimentation, magic and wonder and ultimately to grow in new directions. I will work with you to determine your own goals for the sessions and provide support, guidance and exercises to nurture you and your creativity, regardless of background, level of experience, or creative goals.

Working with Me / Who I Work With

While I work with anyone and everyone, I specialize in working with those who identify as queer, neurodiverse, and/or femme for multiple reasons. First, because that is how I identify so I can offer guidance from a place of personal, lived experience. 


Second because things such as self-doubt, fear, negative self-talk, lack of motivation, permission, perfectionism, and overthinking are already difficult for anyone to overcome but can be further magnified and exacerbated by conditions such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety which can further impede one’s growth or progress. Because I have experienced all of these firsthand I have a unique understanding of these intersecting and overlapping conditions, which makes me uniquely positioned to work with you from a place of deep empathy, understanding and knowing. 


Third, as a femme and queer-identifying person I understand the frustration that can arise from interfacing with institutions and individuals who uphold the values of a patriarchal and heteronormative culture that often marginalize, minimize, or do harm to those who are seeking help and healing. For this reason I also affirm and welcome working with anyone with other intersectional identities, including but not limited to BIPOC (Black Indigenous, People of Color,) undocumented or migrant, those with disabilities or chronic conditions, transgender, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming (GNC), intersex, on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrums, or those who have identities that are otherwise part of the LGBTQIA2S* umbrella, among others.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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"Sally gave life to my intangible creative blocks with her down-to-earth yet knowledgeable personality. By providing a welcoming, encouraging, and thoughtful atmosphere, I immediately felt comfortable asking questions on topics I had been so intimidated by in the past."

Gloria C, Student

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