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Anne P.

“Sally draws students out by bringing fun, humor and lots of encouragement to every class she teaches. Her incredibly well-planned, thought provoking course work and after class assignments helped me learn more than I ever expected. And the creative, unselfconscious classroom atmosphere she fosters allowed me to make friendships and creative partnerships I hope will last a lifetime.”
-Anne P, student

Gina M.

“I have taken about 4 classes with Sally, in fact I waited until she was going to be teaching the class and then signed up. I love her energy, imagination, knowledge, creativity, how she makes you think outside the box and above all I love how she makes the class a comfortable judgement free place to learn! I've learned an enormous amount  by taking her classes. I will be traveling to where ever she is teaching just to take her classes!”

-Gina M, student

Gloria C.

"Sally gave life to my intangible creative blocks with her down-to-earth yet knowledgeable personality. By providing a welcoming, encouraging, and thoughtful atmosphere, I immediately felt comfortable asking questions on topics I had been so intimidated by in the past." -Gloria C, student

Jenny K.

“Sally's teaching style really helped me find my personal voice through photography.  The depth of her knowledge combined with her deep appreciation and curiosity about the work of all of her students created a very special atmosphere in which each of us grew tremendously as photographers.” -Jenny K, student

Lanna A.

“Sally is an amazing teacher! Expect to learn a lot about photography but also about yourself as you develop creativity and technical know-how in her classes. With her positive approach to learning and great energy and enthusiasm, she will help you get over your creative blocks in no time and help you bloom as a photographer and artist!”
-Lanna A, student

Sarah C.

"I came to Sally looking for help incorporating my creative projects into everyday life. She not only helped me achieve that, but expanded my thinking about creativity. It was a really enriching process, particularly because she brings such energy, warmth and authenticity to conversations. Sally's a true gem and I think anyone who's looking to explore their creativity would benefit from working with her. " - Sarah C, coaching client

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